Monday, October 15, 2012

The Path of Recovery - Finally my Left Hand is back!

Yes! In 2 weeks time my hand has recovered 50% ^^
But he (left wrist) still needs 70 days for bones to FULLY recover.
But Thanks God, everything is just FINE XD.

The experience is memorable, so I shall record what I have gone through la... hehe.

This is the one!!! My bicycle... haha... 
So pity it and me... 

To prevent waiting until die in UMMC, I go John Chua there.
Chinese Sensei? haha

First of all... Infrared heating 
To heat the blood and make it Flowwwww.... hehe... no clogging is allowed!

Chinese medicine is applied on my lovely wrist to let the clogged blood to disperse. 
Not smelly, luckily... ^^

Wrapped him up to prevent evil people from attacking and touching him...
So many people want to grab and hit him... so poor...T.T

Teng Teng~~~ Done... hehe
(I am sexy and I know it)

Here is the conversation.
Left Hand : I am so sorry.
Right Hand : Is ok, I can do it.
Left Hand : I will try to recover asap!
Right Hand : Yup, I will pray for you. Fighting!!!
Left Hand : Really sorry for... letting u do everything...T.T

Thanks God, I still have right hand. haha... 
Imagine you cannot use one of your hand... It will be like this 

Wrap the wound with plastic bag before taking shower.
Squeeze out toothpaste with body and right hand.
Wear cloths and pants with only right hand.
Type computer with right hand fingers only. 

But now,
Right Hand : Thanks God, you are Back!
Left Hand: Yes I am back!!! Haha Haha

After removing the wrapper, this is the result:
 Red and skin looks terrible.

Then It starts to tear off and look rejuvenated. haha

Thanks God and Sensei,
I can show my beautiful hand to everyone again.
Just I have to wait for him to recover back to just like 1 month ago.

Thank you for everyone who cares about me. ^^
Note that, My hand is still fragile... Do not attack me!!! haha