Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Met An Accident... Op Op Op Op Op Opps

22/9/2012 - Saturday Morning - 9:30am
Weather is so nice! It should be the time to practice swimming la^^
I just fixed my bike last few days, so happily ride on it and start to move.

From block D and Mamak store, I want to ride down the steep slope to the front gate of college.
Who knows, brake is not functioning and the bicycle is accelerating to a terrible speed.
I cannot stop the bike and at that moment I really cannot think any great solution.
The situation is just like playing parachute, but I cannot open the parachute in the middle of the air.@@
And then... booommmmmm... hit the divider and fly like a chicken(not high).

At the end, Thank ShiJing for bring me to the clinic and for the first time I visit Chinese Medicine Clinic.
Thanks Dr. Chua also for the medication lar~

swelled wrist
Now I can only use my right hand to carry out most of the actions. TqTq.
My left hand sacrifices himself to protect my body, right hand and legs. Thanks so much.
2 side fracture at the left wrist. O.O omg... It needs 3 months to fully recover.
I am ok! No problem! Steady ^^

Thanks God I am still alive and I will be careful next time la. haha.
Thanks those care about me especially parents and family.

And the saddest thing is, I have to give up my swimming class T.T ... Take next sem ba~~~

Although my hand is painful, I still can hiao and play play de lo. hahahahaha.
Just cannot dance Oppa Gangnam Style. hehe

P/s : purpose to write this blog entry = to prevent  answering repeatedly why my wrist kena balut. haha.

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