Thursday, September 13, 2012

Resident Evil : Retribution (Review)

Yup! Finally Resident Evil is on the Screen once again! Sscreammm!!!
Resident Evil : Retribution
This is the 5th Resident Evil, what will they use to impress everyone? hehe

Thanks Nuffnang again for the premiere screening^^

Alice - The Ultimate weapon to end the war! Can She do this?!
The main character (Alice) is still Milla Jovovich! (She never grows old ??? Look so young and attractive!)
This time, Li Bing Bing ( As Ada Wong ) joins the killing zombies mission. Hehe
Li Bing Bing acting as Ada Wong - The rescuer of Alice. Nice and Gorgeous ^^
At first I thought this will be the End of this interesting Resident Evil Series. 
Oops, but it looks like an intro to the Ultimate battle with the zombies. T.T
So, Please do no expect an awesome ending ya.

Some people who I thought they are died already comes to the field again. (So unexpected O.o)
And Finally I get to know who is the ultimate enemy! 
She is the RED QUEEN!!! haha

About the story line, it is all about "The Escape of Alice" from a Umbrella facility.
Some gigantic and annoying zombies come out to terminate Alice.
Of course, some artificial humans are assigned to kill her too. Of course she won't die right? Haha
All are controlled by the Red Queen ... O.O 

The Final Boss - Red Queen, Small yet lethal >,<

controlled Jill Valentine
Rain Ocampo - The strongest at the end!!! I love the virus inserted to her! haha
I suggest to watch in 2D at least. It will be clearer as the normal one is quite blur >,<

This is the trailer of this movie :

For me the movie is Very Good, although an awesome ending that I anticipate is not there.
All the actions and graphical + computer effects are impressive.
The reverse effect at the front part is kind of creative. Haha
The story line from the beginning towards the end (Alice is rescued) is just nice.
If there is an ending, it will be the best. But never mind, we shall wait the next movie.
I shall give 7.5/10 to this movie.^^

Warning !!!
Be Mentally Prepared for the Sudden Zombie Attacks!
Do not Get Shock ya... Hehe...Enjoy ~ 

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  1. I have to give Milla credit for being able to keep the action going and they must pay her pretty well to keep making these movies. My co-worker at Dish has a crush on Milla, and he wants to see this movie in 3D. I’m on the fence about watching this movie in the theater, since I don’t have great luck with seeing movies in the theater. Instead I’m going to wait, and add this movie to my Blockbuster @home dvd queue. I will get in the mail fast, and return it to the store for a new movie when I’m done. I am glad they brought back Michelle Rodriguez, but from the previews it doesn’t appear her acting skills have improved much.