Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Impossible (Premiere Screening) + LesMiserables

26 December 2004
A massive Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean destroying everything in it’s path and tragically killing nearly 300,000 people

I believe Everyone Still remembers that terrifying Disaster. (So Near To Malaysia)

The Impossible
A movie based on a TRUE STORY of a Spanish Family's experience of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami!!!

Thanks Nuffnang For the Premiere Screening ^^

This is a Really Impressive Movie. From Beginning Till the End, It makes me feel as if I AM INSIDE the Tragedy! >,< It is depressing at first, but later on, you can see how Strong and struggle of the people to Survive! T.T 
It teaches us, Never Give Up!
The Power of Love in the Family keeps everyone Stay Alive and Wait for the Moment to Gather with Other members.

I am Going to Phuket soon... This movie is just making me ... Worry about Tsunami... >,< Haha
Simple yet Impressible Movie... 
We should Appreciate our lives!!!


 Les Miserables

A musical Movie with Paris Background
I watch because Everyone Says IT IS SOOO GOOD!

What Impresses me is! 
Almost all Conversations in the movie Are SUNG!  
They Sing out their Thought, Ideas, Conversation and Everything.
All characters Sing VERY WELL!!!

 Hugh Jackman - Handsome and Sings WELL!!!

Anne Hathaway - Super Gorgeous and Sings Super NICE!!! Fall in love with her already.

This is a highly recommended 2 hr 30 min movie.
I love the Songs, I love the Characters and the Story is about France Revolution !!! 

Nice and worth to pay for the ticket ^^ hehe

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  1. come you can win the screening pass so easily?? :p