Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Birthday Prank (I am 21 Years Old!!! Finally)

21/12/2012 – 
The world is so “excited” for the date. SO called “The End of the World”, But for me, It is 
[The Craziest Day of My 2012].
Why leh? Because, for the first time, I was kidnapped (willingly) and experienced “The Unexpected Surprise”.

My Dearest and Cutest Friends planned to give me surprise wor, who knows, I saw them texting to each other instead of speak it out. I smelled fish and unveiled their foolishness. Wakaka… They are clever but just victim is a cleverer person only.

So, to make them feel they are smart, I promise to pretend and let them kidnap me… haha… After arriving Station University, my spec was removed and they used a red cloth to blind me. 

So many people watching the kidnap process I think. Hopped on a “So-Called Taxi”, we headed towards “So-called Midvalley”. They talked a "Malay Order" to the “So-called Taxi Driver” and we started the kidnap journey. On the way, those kidnappers unleashed their anger and revenge by hitting and punching me (softly), I think they must hate me for a very long time. Haha… I smelled, listened and touched, I Know NOTHING… (Pretending --- I am such A cooperative and good victim ever)

The Taxi stopped twice, because the kidnapper wanted to “Do Business” in the toilet. She is very Pro! She needs 15 minutes each time to settle her business… Wao! Haha

Finally, we have arrived the “So-called The Abandoned Building – typical kidnapping scene”. I was led by them towards the location impatiently (They are so eager to trap me and call my parents to get money huh?)

I smelled the place and I know Nothing!!! Haha. On the way to “The New of Kidnapping Way – You guys should know the place already”, there is someone called out my name! Omg, So embarrassing, my face was blindfolded yet people can recognize me???

Once entered an air-conded room, I was “kicked and bullied” for few minutes then I was “chased” into a toilet. Haha. Waited few minutes for them to prepare the disgusting stuff, and I kept knocking to toilet door to urge them. I was just impatient as well. XD

Well, Finally I could go out and breathe the non-toilet air. The “So-called First Surprise”, is that, I was asked to touch and sense something while I was still blindfolded. “You guys thought is Fear Factor meh”. Touched and Felt, Chek, They were Condoms… Typical 21-year-old Birthday present huh? They asked me to smell and identify the favors too… Smallll case… haha…

Well, I failed to identify the smell, so they removed the blinding cloth, and wanted to Mascara my pretty eyes. Haha… that time only I noticed there are 5 people on the “so-called taxi instead of 4”, Ah Ma(Trista) really Pro in hiding lo… 

Never buy or use condom before, so I really cannot identify the favor lo. So, they want to “Lipstick” my juicy lips.(Need de meh? My lips are sexy enough already wo) and Come on, this is not my first time ok? Haha…

Complete version, (Dun vomit ya) (Aaaaaaa, Sexy lady, op op op op op)

Last but not the least, they asked to … Put on A DRESS… =.=
Really Long time didn’t do this already since my childhood. Reluctant for a few minutes, Whatever la, since they so Got Heart to give me surprise, then I better cooperate lo… Jiang Jiang Jiang ~~~ This is it!!!


They all fall in love with me… I am just too pretty? Haha…
The most disgusting one:

The last task! [[ Order Food from A Waiter ]]. Haha. “Senang jer”. The waiter so steady, shows his poker face all the way. Haha… “Why No You Laugh!” May be He fell in love with me??? Haha… Vomit Xp.

Done Make-up, Then it is SS photo time already^^

After that, totally enjoy ourselves in Singing K and Playing Games. Haha…
We Crunched all the food once it arrived on our desk and Poured the drink into mouth straight away. Total hunger and thirsty. Yeah~~~

Until a moment, sudden birthday song was played and we all were Shocked? OIC, is Neway staff played it and gave us surprise. Well ok. Free cake and champagne were served and the most delicious one is still Secret Recipe they brought for me. Haha. Love you guys ^^

The Epic Bully Scene, they Do it for Real one lo, So painful !!! >, <

Serious and Nice photos:

 And Then, all the kidnappers never want to let me go... Arghhh!!!

Jess: " What's inside?"

Lay Yee: "Chek! Nothing to see"

Although the surprise is not proficient, I really appreciate and love it soooo much. Thanks for the DRAG QUEEN PARTY. Thanks all the “So-called Kidnappers” (Lay Yee, Jess, Matthew and Trista), my beloved Star Family. <3 you all^^ 

p/s : Hopefully still got GirlGirl Wants me after reading and watching all these, If not, Kidnappers, plsssss compensate!!! Haha 

My birthday wish is uncountable. Yeah~

1. Everyone Healthy and Happy.
2. Everyone esp my family get to know Christ.
3. Everyone scores well in exam ( I want 4.0!!! DayDreaming haha)
4. Mega Campus Fellowship can grow and glorify God's name.
5. I can be the finalist in Loreal Brainstorm 2013 and Go Paris!!! 
6. CEDAN 2013 will be the a Very Successful one^^ 
7. I can Continue to be Hiao ^^
8. I can grad Like A Boss
9. So On and So Forth...

Last but not least, It is time to get FIT liao!!! Otherwise I will be super duper Fat!!! haha.

Happy Reborn Day for Everyone
Happy Birthday to me.
God Bless and Love Everyone ^^


  1. OMG!!! The eye, the skirt, the pose....very funny eh!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Haha... Jess Them Play me de lo...hahax