Friday, June 15, 2012

Prometheus - Another movie I love! I love Alien!!!

Alien 1,2,3 & 4 
Alien VS Predator 1 & 2

Wao! I love Alien. I always watch it with my bro since childhood
Merciless creature & expert killer.

Now Prometheus, Why I like?
Because it finally and slowly reveal the Origin of Alien. Hehe.

The Movie starts with a very peculiar scene, I only understand the meaning after the movie. haha.
The Engineer in the movie ( They Believe the Engineer Created Human Being on the Earth)
<Just a movie, it is not the fact, hiakhiak~>
The Engineers are all so handsome and... FIT. haha

Then the real story starts with a Spaceship called - Prometheus!
They are heading to the planet that they believe is the home of The Engineer.
( What! They wanna meet the creator of Human?!)

So they land and explore the place.
Here are the main characters :
The Archaeologists - Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway
(They Discover the map to the planet)
I love but a little bit dislike the right one (David)
He is a Android. Even Head dis-parted from body also can talk... Hmm...

Along it, the journey is not just like what they want.
Dangerous, Life-threatening, Killing and interesting!

But They have finally meet the Engineer face to face. Unfortunately, He is not friendly...
He kills the crews including the boss and dis-part David.
He wants to go the Earth with his sophisticated spaceship.

Thanks Goodness, He failed.
But ... all crews in Prometheus Die and left Shaw and David

Shaw kills the Engineer not by her own Strength but with help from the Alien Baby created by the engineers.
And the engineer is seeded (Heheeee)

And Shaw decided to go!
go where? go back to the Earth? Not!
She wants to go the origin of The Engineers!!! OMG.

Lastly the story ends with what I wish to see.
The born of an ALIEN
Sorry if it is too nauseating. Hehe.

Overall, I love the movie!!! Haha
Science Friction with interesting Story line.
The Ending implicitly tells us, there is Prometheus 2. Wao! I am going to wait and watch it!

In case you don't understand the movie... hehe...
Here is the little Summary ( Species Origin)
Retrieved From StarHub Entertainment
Last but not the least, I love Alien. haha


  1. I really want to watch this movie, so badly! =P

    1. Go GO Go!!! Damn nice... if you like science Fic ^^ hehe...