Monday, June 25, 2012

BRAVE - Review

Yup. Thanks Nuffnang again for the premiere screening of BRAVE!!! Yeah~
This is a hilarious and educational movie in this end of June ^^

The story's main character:
 She is a princess of a kingdom.
But! She is born to be a warrior rather than a gentle and soft princess. Oops
This really makes a big headache to her mum (The Queen)
Being perfect in archery, she has some disagreement with the queen's decision and the story goes interesting and creative afterwards. 
Little bit reveal : Wedding triggers the "bomb to explode". haha

Throughout the movie, you are going to laugh non-stop and loudly! haha
Especially these princes. They are naughty but they never fail to amuse me.
The Triplets 

 And what leads the story line is the GhostFires. The characters believe that following these fires will eventually lead to the faith which belongs to them. And Marida is their follower.

What actually happened in the story is quite creative and unexpected ^^
I bet you will enjoy it.

Of course, the end is a happy one ^^ Yeah~~~
Understanding gained though the adventures encountered.
The Queen and Princess are bonded more tightly and nothing can break it.

The movie is short but is meaningful.
I rate it with 7/10 ^^



  1. I did enjoy the movie. Gave it a 8/10! Lots of mysterious suspense!

  2. arhh! seems like another nice movie there! :)

  3. Really nice o...hehe...go and watch asap^^