Friday, June 29, 2012

Chapter 2 : Eyes on Yonsei University

Now, I am going to introduce you guys - One of the Korea Top Universities - 
Yonsei University
- 16th in QS Asian University Ranking
- Located in Seoul
- Christian University
-Nice and Modern!

With This! I Explore and Travel in Yonsei :
As you can see, the buildings shown on the map are all in 3D. I can easily recognize the buildings and go everywhere I want. I never get lost in University with this, my new lovely darling. Hehe ^^

The Main road of Yonsei. Wide and all Junctions will have traffic officers.

All buildings and designs of the Structures are modern and Good-looking!

The University is BIG and with well-established facilities. ^^
Cars are everywhere in Yonsei (just like UM)
But... UM has Swimming pool... Wohoo... Cheers, UM-ians. haha.

 There are a lot of fantastic mind-relaxing and calming down places too:
(So suitable for unwinding and ... dating. haha)

And students can Smoke "proudly" in the campus. O.o

Males Students here are mostly Muscular and Fit. Some really look handsome.
But I mostly find extreme beautiful girls outside. haha ^^ 
Some female students look very ok... and some are typical Korean. ^^

Next I am going to highlight some interesting places. hehe
Underwood hall
(office of President ... etc)
 See. Plant is on the wall... My dream house is almost like that. Embrace the Mother of nature ~

Next, this is really Wao-ing! haha
Central Library and Yonsei-Sumsung Library
 You see! So modern design. Amazingly comfortable and study-mood producing. haha
 Computers are everywhere, just they scare you do not use it. :p
 Study Place. Quiet and Solemn... ^^
They do not forget the Greenery as well... Hehe
I super like their library. I want to study in there and sleep inside. haha

Another favourite part is, they have a Church inside! Thanks God.
Luke Church

Thanks God, they have English Sunday Service. haha^^
5pm on Sunday. Yes!!! I do not need to walk far.
Even the Church looks so great and attractive! Argghhhhh....

Next destination will be introduced with a little Guessing. 
 4. I think you guys know the answer with this :

Yeah~ It is a Hospital
Severance Hospital
Providing international-level service and well-recognised. ^^

I am going to say about Yonsei is, Thanks God, it is really a good University.
It is really an amazing place and I love it very much.
Food Courts & Security are everywhere and Buildings are looking splendid!

What I rather not like is... Subway Station is far from the University. T.T
Although shuttle bus is provided, it has limited time. haha
I guess I have to exercise whenever I want to go out.

I am going to explore more in Seoul soon. YES! haha

To be Continued... (Tourism Spot)


  1. such a nice uni! how i wish i can study there :)

  2. wow~~~ look so good and nice there! :D

  3. arhh! Yon Sei!!! Really a famous one!! :D

  4. Yup...Sky university in Korea ^^ Top U