Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (Review)

Am I sinful to watch Movie in Exam Week? No lah, to relax ma! (Ya lo.Hmmm)
Thanks Nuffnang, I can watch the Premiere Screening of Madagascar 3!!!

I am not expecting much from this movie at first, but it really impresses me well!
The story is quite Good and the most important thing, it is indeed Hilarious! haha 

All Characters are well designed and everyone is playing an important role - 
that is... Make me Laugh!!! Haha
The movie fully and creatively utilize the supreme effect of slow motions.
The impressive Circus performance is stunning every audience too. ^^

Never forger the brand new Character...
The Animal Control
Captain Chantel DuBois

Hiak Hiak,She is another best entertainer in this movie.
If every police has half of her, then Criminals will not come out from house. haha...

I shall give 8/10 to this movie ^^ hehe.
Energetic and Funny! Haha

It's good to watch If you are suffering from Tremendous stress.. Hehe ^^
Just Enjoy the Show!


  1. it's a very nice movie. I was there too. :)

  2. Eee! I am very excited for this movie. Yes, it is true that I am late in watching this movie but I got busy watching shows by Andy Yeatman online. The shows were entertaining and educating and I didn’t want to break it with any new show or movie.