Monday, June 11, 2012

D210 Roommates Farewell Dinner @Garden Recipe, Paradigm Mall

One year... Time really flies like Laser Beam.
So fast the lovely D210 Roommates are going to "separate" already ... T.T Sob Sob.
So, we have a wonderful farewell dinner together as a sweet memory ^^
~Me (THC), JB Law, VYian ~

This time, after longgggggg consideration and surveys, we have decided to go
Paradigm Mall 
@Kelana Jaya!!! The New Mall ^^
Paradigm mall @Kelana Jaya
 Of course our beloved driver, Mr Law JB drives us there. haha... (with Myvi) 

The Paradigm Mall
The exterior and interior designs are good and IN.
Be careful not to get lost in the mall. Haha...
But, no worries, there are a lot of high tech directories. 
There are abundant of Food and Beverage Shops, a variety of choices ^^

Finally we have chosen...
Garden Recipe

Never Forget to take photos ^^

People always show real examples to introduce new Food. But... I show the whole Menu. wahaha
The Shop really offers a lot of Nice Food
From Western Food until Local Malay Dishes. Wao!
Delicious Salmon... haha... Spaghetti + Fresh Salmon
Grilled Chicken with Spaghetti  
 The Shop sells Sandwich too... Haha

Kopitiam's Set. haha

Some local Curry mee and Noodles.

The Chicken Leg Below is Unbelievable Large and Huge!!! Seriously, Astonished me!

Noodles ^^
 The shop got Vegetarian Food also. I like most is :
Mini Steamboat... haha ^^

Kid's meal... So healthy...

 And the Most impressive food (OMG, this also got in this shop???!!!!)
Chinese Hakka Traditional food - Lei Cha (Organic one) Wao!!!

Now are real Examples ... Hehe
Salmon with Brown Rice
 Comments : Salmon is Fresh and Delicious!!! Haha... Nice
Price : RM21+++

Grilled Chicken with Spaghetti 
 The Grilled Chicken Tastes Good and The spaghetti is just up to the Standard - I like it
My Roommate likes the salad much too. Haha
Price RM 21.90+++
Handsome Roommate. JB Law. haha
Grilled Chicken with Brown Rice

The Grilled Chicken is same with the previous photo. 
And the Brown rice is just like ... normal brown rice lo... Haha... 

My Fashion and Adorable Roommate, VYian Wong. Hehe
Overall the Food is Tasty and the Surrounding is Good!
Hehe... Only the Price... a little bit high.

Garden Recipe ^^ hehe
The Following is the Selling points

Later on... We buy Each a Cup
and shopping in Tesco in Paradigm Mall.
Then we go back to D210 Because JB got Exam tomorrow... Haha...Steadynye ~

The Three D210 Members: 
~Me (THC), JB Law, VYian ~

Grad Senior Dinner
My Birthday Dinner
It is God's blessing to have these two roommates. 
My room is clean and comfortable because of them.
I do not face roommates problems and I can be quiet and relax in room. Haha
Thank you for accompanying me in my second year. Wakaka.

So sad, they are moving out liao, Meaning that I have to find new roommates... T.T

Cheers... We shall meet up frequently as we are still going to be in PJ Area.
Suppers and Movies, When I am boring... wakaka... wait my calls ya...
(They soon will change number? Haha) 

D210 Farewell Dinner
瓦解大会, Haha


  1. ;D you and yr best friends look sooooo happy in the pics!

    1. Of course...hehe. I am happy with my roommates. haha

  2. A place where Magic begin.. waakaka

    1. Oh... Should I use my magic now? haha

  3. wow! u guys seems like having lots of fun there! Nice food eh? :)

    1. The Food is quite ok nice...^^ but the price around 20+- for those nice Western Food. Malaysian Food then is cheaper...Overall not bad yo...