Monday, March 5, 2012

Century Wedding

I am stepping into a wedding? Am I getting married?
DayDreaming again.

Yeah, That's Right!!!
I purposely went back to hometown to join my cousin's wedding!!!
Why so purposely?
RM19++ per person for buffet and RM700++ per table.
Wao!!! I couldn't stop myself from going to grab the food!

Before Party-Buffet (Chinese Culture)
For the First Time, I could enjoy two Buffet at the same time!
6-8pm One Catering - Company A - RM18++ per person
8-12pm One Catering - Company B - RM 19++ per person
My stomach never empty on that night!

there are :

MUAR OTAK-OTAK!!! Screaming 1

SATAY !!! Screaming 2
STEAMBOAT CAR !!! Screaming 3
All are FREE!!!
Besides, my Uncle also invited/hired "sexy" and "hot" Singers to perform on that night.
Uncles Aunties there High till explode! Haha

Pressing calculator...
Hmm... Don't know how many 0000... haha

Wedding ceremony + Dinner

Of course la, I am still Single and not yet get married.
So, I can get Ang Pao from the couple... Wuuuhhooooo....^^
After fetching the gorgeous bride from KL to Kunang Ulu,
They entered their Wedding room...
That's the time for us (children) to get "durian runtuh". Hahax
RM 2 in "AngPao" gua~~~ I thought
Who knows!!! RM10 for every AngPao!!! Wao!
( News: my cousin's bride was one of the beauties in NTV 7 show, 一掷千金,wao~)

Rest then was Dinner TimE!!!
Dressed up in shinning red T-shirt and Jeans plus "N shoes"
We headed to the Dinner location ^^

Total 1300++ came... 千人宴...

 Of course la, my family is full of handsomes(like me and my brother) and beauties
So, take photos la... Don't waste time. haha
Jiang Jiang Jiang...^^ My relatives... full of youth power. haha
Not Bride o, Is my fifth Aunt, cousin's mother. haha... so beautiful!~~

Cute little girl, catch u for photos. hehe
Family Pic ... ^^ warm ~~~ nice!!!
Teeeng Teeng Teeeeng Tennnnnngggggggg
Here Comes the couple!!! 

Once they came in, that meant...
Is time to eat!!! hahahaha
Let see the menu... Hmmm...
... Not Bad... RM700+++ hehe

See see see... the Dragan Prawn. haha... but very not impressive . haha
We cannot judge food by its look! haha 
The rest of Food... Hmm... Not very Good. haha...
Muarians, think before U choose a restaurant when u get married o...^^

Of Course, Food must be with performance... hehe
小凤凤,and others were invited to perform...
The atmosphere was soooo high at the end,
all Aunties and Uncles danced and not wiling to go back. haha
Hehe, Before Leave, Took  a photo with National Badminton Player
陈伟强,gambateh lar... jia you!!!
Let's call it a day. ZzZ

Third day~~~
Malay Style Buffet pula...
haha... eat eat eat... before I go back to UM...

OMG, My Uncle really did his best to show the best Chinese typical wedding.
This is the highest level already! haha...

To win them...
When i get married,
Bring everyone to Hawaii


  1. I just knew that u have blog .. :) Joyce here. =)

  2. i'm waiting ur Hawaii wedding ya~~~please include the flight ticket~:P

  3. haha... just wait and see... depends on my mood lo. haha ^^

  4. i wan go hawaii!! u fast fast get married??