Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mrs Jagjeet Singh - Livens The English Class

Yeah ~
Who is Mrs Jagjeet Singh?
She is my Effective Presentation Lecturer.
So? What is so special about this English teacher?

Well ~
 She looks like a Foreign Teacher, can converse in English very fluently. 
(Even some Malay words we can hear from her mouth.) 
She looks like 50, maximum 60 years old.
Her teaching style is marvelous and interesting. 
(I wonder there are others English teachers teaching students to stretch their bodies and 
walk around the class like a fashion show.)   
She is a professional English teacher, and she is energetic, powerful and humourous. 
She is a perfect ambassador for Sweat Smile. 
(Teacher, "be careful of ants and bees", haha)

Da Da ~
Here is Mrs Jagjeet Singh ^^
This is the photo i "downloaded illegally" from her Facebook. Haha

Look, she is just like a middle age lady. 
Boom! She is 70+ years old! Surpiseee~~~!!!
Her tireless actions, loud voice, critical thinking totally do not prove her age!
Imagine 70-year-old lady driving BMW, walking up and down the stairs, 
speaking sonorously until the every corner of the classroom filled by her strong voice.

Before this, my friend kept saying that this teacher is really an excellent one.
I finally believe and witness this with my own eyes.
I am impressed and decide not to skip her class anymore. Haha.

In her class, I feel as if I am not in UM but in an English Learning Centre such as ERICAN.
The style of teaching, motivating words, the confident posture 
hardly can be found in UM.
So, her presence is really a giant leap for UM 
and hopefully my department lecturers can also be just like her.

Actually another thing we should learn from Mrs J is
Selfless Contribution To Others.
She is a marvelous writer and can get paid for writing articles,
She is an influential speaker who can motivate thousands of people,
She is an impressive English teacher who can receive a large amount of teaching fees. 
but, she chooses to teach in University of Malaya! 
The hours she spent in UM, she can utilise them to earn more money than University pays her.
She can be very rich with her talent and ability.
She can rest and enjoy her life without teaching others.
Her effort to help people are so sincere and noble.
(Moreover, she also corrects the wrong grammer and words of students who ever post or comment 
on her Facebook wall. You can imagine how busy Mrs J is? )

I am very glad and fortunate to be in her class.
Hopefully, I will be an excellent presenter during or after the next 10 weeks.
To know her more, go and add her on Facebook, but do not hack her. ^^
Just search Jagjeet Singh.

Enjoy Learning English with Mrs J

"Neither a borrower nor a lender be;
For loan oft loses both itself and friend"
Mrs J's favourite ^^

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