Wednesday, March 21, 2012

There is no EASY way out in learning English!

Mrs J was listening attentively to one of the
presenters in Presentation Class 
Yup, Today is Wednesday, another day of Mrs. J's English Class.
This English class gives me the feeling of necessity to attend
as if I have paid a huge amount of money for it.
In fact, it is an inexpensive class in University Malaya with minimal payment
instead of thousands of Ringgit.

Quotation of the day:
"The Busiest People have Time!"

This gives an insight to the people 
who are always complaining about the insufficiency of 24 hours.
Time management is extremely crucial. 
Everyone should manage to control their time and allocate it wisely.
So, in this busy week, I should get some time to unwind and watch a movie? Haha. 

Perhaps, it has been a long time for me to abandon English learning.
I have just realised that my English language is deteriorating severely.
Thanks to this Effective English Presentation class, it motivates me to be more dynamic and diligent
in improving my English Language.

From my first presentation in this class,
I have learnt not to practice too much, as this made me to present like memorising a script.
Perhaps, appropriate pauses can make the presentation to be more spontaneous and lively.
Undeniably, disappointment grew in myself 
(As that was the First Time I prepare so well for a presentation, yet the result didn't reach my expectation.)
and I swear to perform better in the next presentation.

Cheers, Looking forwards to next presentation. ^^

If you feel curious about my presentation,click this :
YouTube of my short presentation ^^
Introduction of an interesting topic.

There are still a lot of improvements needed. 
Suggestions and Comments are warmly welcomed.
Thanks ^^

Last but not least,
English is exceptional, remarkably, extraordinarily and extremely important in our life.
So, it's time to IMPROVE our English.
Let's work it out !!!

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