Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini Food Paradise in FHT First College !!!

FHT Rocks First College!!!

Fiesta Hari Terbuka *FHT*
is Annual Event organised by First College Residents
to create a platform for
All Residents and UM student to have fun!!!

Here is our EXPO!!! 
Mini Food Paradise
Mini Pasar Malam 
Mini Fun Center
Although all are Mini Mini Mini
EXPO FHT roOckkks First College!

1. Famous Tou Fu Fa Tang-Yuan
2. Icy Snow Ice
3. Alisan Chicken Chop and Tasty Drink
4. Tudung and Hiasan Tercantik
5. Shining Egg Tart and Pastry 

FHT Expo !

Yummmyyyyy ~~~ Pastry!!!

Yummy Yummy... >< Best

Blurred @@ due not so handsome. Haha

Got so many events are going on in First College 
First SuperStar
Ms and Mr Astarian 
Explore Race
Larian Astar 
(RM150 for the Champion, run run only ma, oso can win cash, haha)
Cultural Night
Blood Donation
Treasure Hunt

Hehe. Join Us in these 3 days!
(16-18 March 2012)
Let's have FUN! 

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