Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nuffnang Stick Man "Walking In The Deep"

Good morning everybody.
I am the most professional, diligent, adorable, outstanding, incredible reporter in this world.
Recently, I notice strong ripples appear on my magical water tank.
I  smell a huge thing is going to occur,Hiak Hiak Hiak.
Because my water tank never failed me, It can sense any enormous things 
that are going to be sparks in this world 

Let's see...
Why the Stick Man inside the bluish frame appears out of the frame and shout? 
Hmm. He must be very desperate for something ya.
Let's check Facebook Birth Calender, What the!!!
OMG, The Man in adorable shape is waiting for his birthday???
Will this be my Website and Magazine First page? 
Hahahaha. Nothing can stop me from investigating this!!! 

Here is the date!!!
(quietly) his birthday ~ ~ ~
Let's see what he is doing in such an early morning...
He is eating High 5 bread!!! (butterscott)
Oops, why no ones around
High 5 High 5 High 5....
OIC!!! Today is his 5th Birthday
So pity, only bread for breakfast.

Never mind let's continue...
 Watching TV --> Facebook --> Checking Nuffnang news --> Sleep
Huh, why his day is so boring, IMPOSSIBLE
(He is not Tom Cruise in Mission impossible 5!!! Impossible things occur on this man???)

A bolt from the blue
Sudden scream enter my ears

Stick man is craving for a TETRIS cake
Perhaps, he loves to play Tetris recently,
So pity... ...

Hmm... Ting Tong... (door bell)
Aha, finally someone is going to celebrate with him. Yes!

(open the door)

Invitation from Nuffang to a concert of Jeremy Lin!
huh? concert? should be competition right? 
wait wait...
why so weird?!

seems like he is going to the show, because he is too boring and alone
(wind blowing, and freezing)

arggghhhh!!! not because he is going to meet Jeremy,
but he is too depressed!!!
Why birthday so "rolling in the deep"
Dressed up, jump onto a "Mini"
then go to
a bar

3 friends appear once he steps down from his car
"Happy Birthday"
OIC,the Jeremy concert is a lie!
actually is a birthday celebration!!! haha
Cake,birthday presents all are there, what a typical birthday celebration...

Although there are only 3, but it is so touching!!!
So, the end, the Stick Man
Happily Ever After ~ ~ ~
Yeah ^.^ Yeah

wait wait wait
this is not Kindergarten fairy tale!

after the simple celebration
they jump onto the mini and depart
(I gonna hurry to chase after them,
eiiii, they are going back Stick Man's house, may be it is the end)

They are heading to

"Neverland Club"
(hopefully there is a Neverland for him)

there is a big poster!!!

It is a Avatar-themed birthday party!!!
is Nuffnang 5th year celebration!!!

All people inside are all wearing blue
the backdrop, desk, chairs are all inside the movie "Avatar"
All the food prepared are with blue theme too
like Blueberry Cheese cake, Bluish champagne, etc

There are more than 80 StickMan's fans there
with bluish attire and make-up
the atmosphere is reaching to the boiling point!!!

The Stick Man
Walking into the Club with tears.
Unexpectedly celebration for this little,adorable man
All people are shouting
Nuffnang, Stick Man,
Nuffnang, Stick Man,
Nuffnang, Stick Man,

A so-real Avatar appears in the smoke
and hug the Stick Man up.
Everyone throws him onto the air together
and he smiles so joyfully

Then he is dressed up with Avatar Cloth and with Avatar make-up
He joins the party and the atmosphere is SO HIGH!!!

Then is happily ever after

(Happy Birthday to Nuffnang
I will always be with you
Hope to be one of the 80 ^^)

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