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One Step One Memory - Coursemate Trips Part 2 (The Dusun)

OK! I would like to say, coursemates' trip never ends!!! haha
After the first trip to Perhentian Island (click to go the blogpost), Next we head to the "Natural Outside World 世外桃源!" - The Dusun! 

Wait Wait before we go there, actually we have been through the LAST DAY in Department T.T The research day. The last day in Engineering Fac/Chemical Engineering Department as Undergraduate! 
Actually we all macam don't care about this Meaningful Day. Haha. But congrates JiaYen and Joe for winning Something la ya. But... WHY NO CASH PRICE?!!! haha
Since my poster didn't win anything, straight away don't want to bring it back home! haha

Was the Emcee for the activity XD
(The ending part of Top Glove video is NOT MY VOICE ya haha, For Those attend)

Take a Photo as Memory xia ~~~ 
The Smile of Graduation!

After that, I suggest all to have a LAST DINNER before we leave each other. Because only 14 of us are going Dusun. Limited place and some are not free. 
Haha. At last 19 of us attend the LAST DINNER @ New Paris SS2 (where we have gatherings for college functions and some other gatherings) 

During the dinner, eating and chit-chatting lor. 
Then we have a small climax --- Birthday Celebration!!! 
(June Babies)

Happy birthday bla bla bla, NOT IMPORTANT, most important is this:
The Peace Agreement of Gaxx and Israxx

You thought that is the only peace agreement? NO NO NO
THIS is a TRUE PEACE! Not Fake Fake de:

Sweetnye~ hopefully Urn Lee and Jeff Sao won't angry la, TEHEE

Oright, after the climax, we have come to a very memorable moment!!! 
干杯!Cheers-ing Session ! 

We wish and bless each other. Rich Rich, Blissful, Happy always. 
But the best wish is still = Friendship Forever. #BFF
I love this session very much. This is a very Unforgettable memory! (The videos are in our secret group). Hopefully our wishes all come true! Never Forget Each Other! God Bless!

The End of the Dinner is quite sad de lor, Leaving those not going Dusun Trip de T.T
Zhao Xuan, Chi Seng, Seek Chung, Jeff and Gary ~~~ Haiz. Sad Sad de... Wish can have such dinner AGAIN!!! Promise!!!

Next Stop! 
Li Xiu's house @ Klang
His house is pretty big and comfy. LIKE LIKE!!! So paiseh for letting Li Xiu Stress and Busy to Host (招待) us. XD
 And Never forget The small gas Xuan Min's birthday la! She keeps reminding people about her birthday because others never celebrate her birthday before. She is the Birthday Celebrator but no one celebrates Hers. so Kelian, so This time Sze Sze makes a video for her and other leng luis give her a Bird Doll. 
Someone cries like no tomorrow but the rest are total "NOT IN THE MOOD" Haha. Ooops. So sorry Sze Sze. But the Birthday video is Awesome :3

After the touching part, we play Killer Game until midnight. Most are first time, that's why the session is really amusing. Especially Jiu Liang with his crazy logic (Put Card nearer to body = Owning important card). hahahaha. 

Photo @ Xiuz's house with Cheerful Xiu Mum. I love the Tiramisu chocolate!!! Thanks for hosting us ya. haha.

The next day! Depart to Seremban for Breakfast and Lunch. This round burden is On Teng Jia Chun's shoulder! Haha. He did well, but sad case, no photo! oops! haha. Cheers. We all are happy with the Half day trip in Seremban. 

After around 30 minutes from Seremban, we have finally arrived our destination! 
Wohoo~~~ The Steep road to The Dusun is really "Exciting" haha. Don't drive a Kancil there ya!

Excited with the nature and resort, but sadly, the first welcome from the owner is "PLEASE REMOVE YOUR CAR RIGHT NOW!!!" Because we have accidentally and mistakenly parked our cars in their private houses. WHO KNOWS CANNOT ENTER O!!??? haha ;p

Ok la, the Excitement defeats the Mood-Killing Welcome Speech. I am so excited although the rest looks not. Haha. 
We have rented 4 houses (total for 14 people), The total cost is RM 2600. Basically it is like a resort in the nature. Near to the mountain and surrounded by forest. Ok, Photos speak a thousand words.

It looks REALLY NATURAL right! haha. At first I expected Cooler surrounding, but it is Normal. Thanks the Trees for making it a bit cooler than in city also la =D

After settling down, straight away attire in swimsuits and JUMP Jump Jump into the Pool! Wohoo~~~
COOL!!! A bit Freezing later. haha. So like it. Especially in the Afternoon. Immerse in cool water is the Best thing to do under the Hot Sun. Hiak Hiak

See so Nice right??!!! The pool is Clean and the colour is relaxing. The trees are watching at us. Shy Shy. 

Photo time =)

When we are very boring in the pool, we have some Activities! Haha
First of all, it is the Double Wrestling
One person Rides on the shoulder of another ( Don't Think too much ya ). The person on the top will punch, scratch, pull or push the person of other team. The one team without falling down WINs. 
The result is, Jiu Liang and Chun Kwang won! But still, Wai Chun is the best Tanker. haha. 

Next Game is "Black White Guess" or 黑白猜
Hoho, 14 of us divided into two rows (2 teams). The Game begins and it is really exciting!!! haha. 
But unfortunately my Team Won! Haha
(Even though Ray Lim contributes nothing haha XD) 

Their punishment is, PUSH INTO THE POOL!!! 
Winner push the loser one by one into the pool! Walao, so Syok. I still remember Yueh Shyan Said: “你受死吧!!!” haha. So Scary! 

Being pushed into the pool is nothing, we want THROW! haha. 
The example:
(Throwing the birthday piggy into the pool, no wonder newspaper reported mini earthquake in Malacca Strait. HAHA)

After the pool games, really EXHAUSTED. It is Free and Easy Time lu~ 
Enjoy the super nice room and the environment. 

Meanwhile our busiest Chef Vincent is Busy with his Cooking. He is going to prepare us Bolognese Spaghetti !!! Wohoo~~~ By the way, Sora House in The Dusun prepares a well equipped kitchen. Bravo! 

 Oh no. His masterpiece is really Godlike!!! Super duper like eating in the restaurant (oops now when think about it, I feel hungry jor @@). Very professional! 100% True. But so sorry, he got GF dy =P

See this! Isn't it P.R.O ??? Nice food matches with the elegant table and red wine. Perfect Combo. YUMMY!!! No Joke. 

Photo Time. (see the house is elegant enough right? The table, the sofa, everything!)

After the dinner time, we move to the another House (Emas House). It is more Kampung style and for 5 people. 

Since we addicted to Killer Game, we continue with it. Until that time we only know the real side of Joe Shen! The professional Killer! hahaha. But at the end, NS Kim and I won the game because all no mood play dy. haha. 

Never mind, next, we have our Chiong-K session. We are proud to invite our Pro-est guitarist, JC Teng to play us music! 
For those don't like to sing, they play Rami game too.  
For those NEWAY Karaoke VIPs, they sit down and sing non-stop. Luckily our guitarist pro enough to satisfy them. *LIKE*

At the same time, we have the Red Wines from Germany! (My souvenir for them). Wohoo, so nice. Cheap yet so Great. Germany is really a perfect place to alcohol =P
Also, we have Hoegaarden and Chang. Chang tastes Better. Wao! haha. 

We enjoy the lovely atmosphere. Songs, Drink, Chat, Rami and etc etc. The lovely image is still fresh in my mind. Missing it!!! 

The songs, some are touching ones, about friendship and love. But no tears yet. UNTIL one moment. (refer to the following photo)

Out of Don't know Why, Mr. Tan and Mr. Wai start the Emo Scene! Perhaps, the songs build up the emotion slowly since the beginning. 
Then Quickly Cue the MOST Teary Song - FRIEND (朋友)
In a circle we sing the song loudly and feel the lyrics. 


Tears are like Cascade, fall down non-stop. Most of us are totally out of control! The ugly looks, luckily no photo. haha. 

But the moment when I really tear out non-stop is during the sharing session!!! Chun Kwang's roommate story is really Oh-My-Got making my tear gland Active!!! Everyone is sharing the very personal story. We further know each other better and again the friendship is getting Unbreakable like Diamond. 
I shall never forget the moment. (The time I cry so hard after PT drama)

Oh ya, except the touching stories, of course Funny stories come afterward. First time see a pair of lovely guy and girl confess to like each other in front of everyone. BUT they are not couple yet. Haha. Hopefully they can get together ASAP. 祝有情人终成眷属. Balia Boy and Balia Girl, fighting =P

The session lasts until midnight (3pm I think), body cannot support us to share anymore, too tired! So we go back and enjoy the awesome rooms + beds in the houses! 

Nightzzzz (oh ya, we finish up the leftover spaghetti too)

Next morning, we have great breakfast in The Dusun (Complementary). The nasi lemak and scrambled egg are Awesome! and The best part is The DURIANs!!! haha. So like it  

Photo with Joe Shen before He left earlier. 

Still have some time before Check Out (12 pm), so we Jump into the beautiful swimming pool again.

Hmmm, even though age 23-24, but we are just like KIDs. haha. Eagle and Chicken Game: 

Enjoy the Moment in The Dusun

Still, time to check out and leave The lovely + natural place.
Depart to Seremban for lunch and 烧包.
After that we all go back to KL and Ready for Movie - Transformer 4. 
But some left earlier, like Yueh Shyan, Chun Kwang and Ray.
So Sad~ Say Good Bye is somehow Quite Sad de lor. 

After the 6/10 rating Transformer, we have our very last dinner in Tropicana Mall before we leave each other. Hmmmmmm... 天下无不散的筵席 is damn true. Goodbye lor T.T

Somehow this friendship is the Strongest after all. I like to be with them because they are adorable and funny. Don't know how to describe in words. Just the Kinetics and Magnetic fields of these people are Miraculously Matching each other. Haha. Love the Feel to be with them. 

The trip to Alor Setar and Penang further prove the Feel. If Have time, I shall blog that too. In short, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 
Friendship Forever! 

15 October 2014, our Big Day. 
See you all there!!! 

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