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One Step One Memory - Coursemate Trips Part 1 (Pulau Perhentian)

Graduation - actually makes people tie to each other more closely. Because we are reluctant to leave each other. 3 words in Chinese: 舍不得 


Just like everyone else, we have our Graduation Trip! Not one but two. Haha.
Glad to mingle well with this bunch of Crazies before I graduate. 
I don't really close to them in the early years. Haha. Perhaps, it is a blessing for me to know them well in the end. :p 迟来好过没到.

Ya, at first I THINK they are not my types of friends. Different Channels? 
PLUS. I was too busy with my activities, no chance to hang out with them as well.
PLUS. Everyone is not yet closed to each other too (early stage). 

But time proves my perception is on the wrong side. We actually "Gham Key" or "Same Channels". Haha
Three Year is when we are closed to each other. Thanks to Design Exercise and Control Project
They are super closed. For me, consider good already. 

The time when I really love them and closed to them is the final semester of final year. 
The chit chat and overnight in Jiu Liang's house during CNY makes the magic happens. 
We laugh, we talk, we share. Emotional sharing of Jiu Liang and Xiuz really touches everyone.
I love the feeling to get together with each other. Got family de Feel~~~ haha

So, everyone is excited for the graduation trip! Also because all finals and projects are ENDED!!! 
The trip is a reward to the tortures we have suffered from in final year. :p


After long bus journey and boat, we have arrived the beautiful Perhentian Island.
We stayed in Perhentian Island Resort. Quite High Class but room needs to improve o. haha. 
19 of us in the first day. Xiuz and Joe cannot join us (unfortunately, because they need to study more, XD)

Big thanks to our Boss, Chi Seng for all the arrangement la. <3 
We do not need to worry at all, Just Go! haha. 

Now only realize, we don't have much scenery photo!!! OMG. haha. Never mind la, the most important ones are the people. Haha 

Activity on Perhentian surely cannot lack of Snorkeling. Special thanks to super rich Xuan Min for the water proof camera. Haha. 

Actually I cannot recognized the Open-Mouth guy inside here. Ray Lim? haha. 

Rare Human-less photo (in this blog) : 
The water is quite Clear and a Variety of fish too =)

We have not much things to do in the first day. Free and Easy after the Snorkeling. 

Oh ya, another interesting activity in the resort is EAT! haha
Buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner. All are quite Delicious. =) First time see Jia Yen eats so much. Haha. This proves the food is GOOD. haha

We also love to gather in the Gay Lou's room and chit chat. Simple talking is Fun also. haha. 

Night has come and We have Gary's Games session!
Prepared since first year. Brand new. Exciting yet 18 SX. 
Some are Quite Complicated de Games. But we all "Enjoy" well. (we know what I mean)
While playing games, also Never Forget to take photos!!! 

Gary is explaining rules and regulations to them... 

BUT. See what they do behind the Game Master (Gary). (wei, respect leh!) haha. haha. haha. 
Vincent Dai Lou, don't get mad because of the Hot Room la. haha 

After the games, we have VINCENT and CK DJ session. Haha. 
I really admire their spirit to bring us Enjoyment by bringing heavy speakers along and the DJ apps! haha
Half of us go party, Half go beach walk walk. (酱快 分Gang XD)

From Clubbing party to become Drinking party. Oh no. 说好的 摇滚呢?haha.
The drinking game we play is just challenging my limit. Haha. Luckily Not Yet Exceed. or else lor. 
We have a lot of fun actually even though making me feeling like "study too much" (Heavy Brain).
True or Dare games always Come on Stage after party. Hearts to hearts. Haha. 
Those are memories and secrets. =)

We called in a night, Sleep at 12 am, because we still have Snorkeling in the next day.  

Yeah. The best part about the next day is, Our Li Xiu has Come back to Us! haha. 

He not even steps on the resort more than 15 min, we go on with another snorkeling session Haha.

The most "Syok" part of the second snorkeling is, we get to touch the Giant Turtle. Yeah~~~ 
Those touch twice, please admit!!! haha. 
And the gifts from the nature are the Scars due to sharp corals. >.< . Wai Chun even sees Doctor because Coral "Kiss" him too hard. Oops~~~

Tiring Snorkeling ends and beach games start. 
Beach Volley Ball. I like the game, just don't like the big sun. 
I think everyone is enjoying it. Xuan Min enjoys dodging balls, Ray Lim loves to kick like takraw, JiaLiang and SeekChung love to serve ball and etc. 
Which team serves ball, that team will score. It is Normal. haha.

After that they also go for football which I don't like. haha. 

Girls also have their very own Bo-Jio activity: Photo Shooting. 

OK la OK la, all Leng Luis lar~

The sun sets and that night is a special night. 
We gather in one room and have POST MORTEM
We share our perspectives to each other, express our thoughts (Like or Dislike), Stab hearts like Free of charge. Haha. But afterward, it turns to be more sentimental. My tears are just too Cannot Tahan to flow out when I talk. Those words are True. 
I treasure the time with everyone and glad to know each other before I grad. Or else I will lose Great Friends. T.T

I think we know each other better after the POST MORTEM. Some misunderstandings are solved and we understand each other better. But some hatred are still planted. 说好的 “明天要忘记呢?” haha
And Do Not forget Jeff and Xuan Min de "Lim Teh in Malacca oh!!!" 
Hahahahaha. Their Hand Shaking is just like winning a "Nobel Peace Price". What a fruitful post mortem.

I think no one will forget that night. Volcano and Tear Waterfall.

After that, we all go to PARTY Room!!! haha. 
Vincent and CK DJ time. Showtek in the house!
Cannot believe we are drinking pure and in shoots (again). Oh No! 
Thanks to Chi Seng and Jeff for finishing the wines and play some Free Shows to us. Indeed memorable and thank you so much. HAHAHAHA.

Still cannot forget the Zombie Attack and Act Cute Photos. Hahaha


Time flies, it is time to say Good Bye. 
Sadz, it has come to the last day in Perhentian. 
Really not enough Sleep ~~~ But still insist to wake up for breakfast! haha. 
Before leaving, finally we get the chance to take photos with the beautiful scenery!!! Wohoo!!!

Then we have City Tour in Kota Bahru.

Thanks our leng leng photographer, Miss ++ for the photos lar. Nah, specially for you. XD
Watch too much Maleficent!!! Sleeping Beauty. haha

~Thoughts After the Trip~
This 20 people trip is indeed a wonderful memory that I will treasure forever. The Fun, the Sharing, the Laughter. 
Thanks everyone for making the trip so so so Awesome. 
In future, perhaps, we don't have much chance to travel with big bunch of great friends. 
May our friendship lasts forever! Don't let time decays our friendship (Make the Half life to infinity pls) and Do Kacau each other when got the chance ya. 
Now dreaming also has you guys inside. So Crazy! Haha

Please Don't forget our October date ya. Anticipate the next gathering!!! <3

4 years of study, what we gain most, is the precious Friendship

Part 2 : The Dusun Trip... (Coming Soon)

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