Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Journey of Faith - Dream of First Class

Hooray!!!~ The Bit of Worry is finally OVER~ 
Hahaha XD 

What worry? Hmmm Worry about Result lor~ 
The worry is a long long long story. 
(So sorry if the story sounds Showing-off, but it is a TRUE STORY, Not Showing-off ya!)

Before Stepping in the University (UM), I believe most of the people will target Good Result (at least some ba)! haha. I, of course, one of them. Ambitious to Graduate with First Class! Wakaka. 
Everyone must have target to move forward. So do I lar~ 

First semester 
This is really a "deceiving" semester.
I actually scored super well in all mid-terms. All macam piece of cakes =P. In addition, we had 3 weeks of Study Weeks! So I really underestimated certain courses lor. Thought it is easy ma. Didn't put 100 % effort.
But nightmare and first Fall have come! I didn't perform well in the finals especially the paper that I scored 99 marks in its mid term. 
End up to be 3.68. I couldn't accept the fact that I didn't get Dean List T.T
Almost wanna cry. So disappointed and regret for over-confident. 
Accept the Fact ! 

Second semester
Hmm. I tell myself, At least once DEAN LIST? OK? Yes, it became my target! I pray hard to God for the target.
Owh, that time I was already busy with PTUM 2011. A new director who did a lot of things myself. Noob Noob de~ 
During Study week, I even helped HEP with the Visitation of China's Premiere Wen JiaBao to UM. I strongly believed that The Next Semester (when PT is on), I will get a Damn Bad result. So this semester was a good chance to get a dean list! 
I really studied HARD that time! Haha. Thanks God!!! A glimmering HOPE was there! I got 3.73. Wakaka. 

Third Semester 
I was SUPER DUPER BUSY with PTUM (DAMN REAL). The worst thing was I have 7 Heavy core subjects. Almost all were super tough! Killers~ T.T
I kept telling myself STUDY WHENEVER I CAN. But sometime helping other bureaus and busy with my own position Consumed too much of time liao. But I sincerely thank my partners (all 35) for making the event a successful one! I never regret to join and it is one of my Historical moments in UM too. 
Nightmare still came~ Most midterms I didn't do well, and Finals~~~ Oh no~~~ GG.com
One B- and only One A. I got 3.31. T.T
Still Thanks God for no fail lar. It was quite OK already. But CGPA became 3.56.
Kena Daddy Scold Gao Gao~~~ He said "Don't Join Extra Activities anymore!"
Although 3.56 and 3.70 is just 0.14, to achieve it, it needed average 3.8 in every coming semester! 
I never give up and never want to lose! I decided to work Super Hard for it! 

After the Heaviest Semester, the rest are not BUSY for me already! Armor is thicker jor. 

Fourth semester
Hardworking helped me to get 3.74. Thanks God because I was totally in despair in one subject (Separation I), but miracle happened! I got a B+. Shocked!
CGPA: 3.60

Fifth semester
Relaxing semester, I thought I can score super well de. But sadly, always suddenly cannot perform in Final. But God's blessing, I manage to get 3.74 again. 
CGPA: 3.63
Actually my progress has lacked behind already. I didn't get 3.8 in previous two semesters. 
Recalculated. I need 3.83 for the next three semesters! Stressful because heard no easy in the next Three semesters. 

Sixth semester
The semester which coursemates are united. We have design exercise and control project! I would like to thank my coursemates A LOT A LOT. They are my angels <3 They selflessly help everyone in projects and share what they have done. Thanks to them, I manage to submit good stuffs! 
Thanks to them and God, I got 3.82.
CGPA: 3.67

Seventh semester
Here starts the design project and research project (Two Thesis) and electives. I took one extra elective than the rest (Too Hiao!) 
Hehe. Great News, I have finally achieved CGPA 3.70! haha. I got 3.90 in the seventh semester. Wohoo. Thanks God!!! 

Eighth semester (The last)
This semester is a very determining one because it decides me to have first class or lose it. 6 credits for design project and 4 credits for research project. If design project dies (B+ or worse), then all gone! I was participating Henkel Innovation Challenge Final in Germany too. >.<
Hereby to thanks my coursemates again for the countless helps in both thesis!!! phiu~~~ I really did my best for both of it. 
That's why I worry xia xia. 

Today! (15th July 2014), Result is OUT
After I open myum, I cover the result with my hand! See one by one! 
Grade points:
WALAO! Whole body is filled with happiness and excitement! I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3.96 in the last semester! Miracles! Got As in Both thesis T.T 
Thanks God sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I have been praying for the result since the last paper!!! HALELUYA!!!
Don't care about the 4.0, The important thing is I can graduate with First Class! walao! So syok! (Sorry for the emotion) 
CGPA: 3.72


Too Free, so make all results in a Chart XD

Along the journey, I truly feel the blessing from God! He listens to my prayer and bless my hard work! He is my spiritual support, my teacher and my guidance. Thanks Him so so so so much! Without him, the result is totally impossible lor. Hehe, so happy and grateful 

I have to admit I am not genius, I put efforts and study hard. But Blessing from God and Helps from coursemates have helped me a lot a lot. 
Thanks God
Thanks Coursemates
Thanks Lecturers
Thanks Parents

The glory are not all mine, but belongs to God, Coursemates and family! 
Thank you everyone! 

Oh ya, the journey not only gives me the achievement, but also True Friendship! I truly love my coursemates! We are in the right year! 2010/2011! Best Gila! It is definitely the WONDERFUL blessing to be in this batch =)

See you all in 15 October 2014! My Convocation! 
Woohooooo. Flower at least pls~~~ haha. 

But still, result is not a big deal, it is merely a target for me. It doesn't mean everything. 
Still need a lot of things to shape our lives and future. 
More to come! Fighting!!! 

But... ... ... 

Now I am still unemployed T.T
Hahaha. Stay Calm and Relax! 

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