Monday, January 27, 2014

You Who Came From the Stars (來自星星的你)

Recently, I fall in love with Korean Drama (Again)

You Who Came From the Stars 

The story is about a Man from outer space came to Korea. Having powers like Superman, he met a girl and fell in love with her even though she is not his cup of tea.

Interesting story line. 

Actually what I love is the main actress lar
Jun Ji-Hyun (全智贤)

She is sooooo pretty and charming. Oh My Gosh!
Jun Ji-Hyun (全智贤)
 水汪汪 地 注視 也是 全智贤 法寶之一! 超美!
Watery Eyes - I would agree with what she demands! haha
Jun Ji-Hyun (全智贤)
 She is Hilarious just like in the movie "My Sassy Girl". Attractive in every action! haha
全智贤 保持了 “我的野蠻女友” 的個性,既搞笑又可愛。“來自星星的你”,她 Cool 樣 也是如此 的美麗。
Jun Ji-Hyun (全智贤)
My Sassy girl (我的野蠻女友)
Is Super duper Nice Movie as well. Same Actress. She is still looking gorgeous and marvellous even until now. 
都幾年了,全智贤 依舊魅力四射,保持不變!

My sassy girl (我的野蠻女友)
 野蠻 任性 也許是她的 特色!搞笑的來 又美!OMG
My sassy girl (我的野蠻女友)

You Who Came From The Stars (來自星星的你)
So far, only have 12 episodes! 
Watch till so Happy... Scream whenever see her (In the drama)... haha. 

By The Way,

How about [The "She" in My Heart']
我心中的 “她” 又是 如何的呢?
Will Blog about this soon~ haha... 

Highly Recommend This Drama to everyone.
Enjoy ya! haha... 
Happy Holiday~~~ 

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