Friday, January 10, 2014

Miserable yet Memorable Final Year First Sem!

It has been a long long longgggggg time I didn't write HERE!!!
The only reason is ... Final year is Terribly Busy... 

Actually I can choose to be a free bird, flying in the sky, merrily and boringly.
Instead, I choose to make my life "Contentful" and "Colourful"~

The Red Colour
Final year, we have to take 4 Electives out of 11 choices. To be fair, usually people take 2 in this semester and another 2 in next sem. BUT!!! Don't know which part of my brain spoiled and I take THREE instead of 2! This means I would be much more busy than the others ~ 我犯賤!自找!蠢噸如豬! Never Mind! Challenge Accepted!!! 三科就 三科!
Total = 5 subjects + One Thesis (Research Project) + One Final Year Project (Design Project) 
I don't understand why UM Chemical Engineering needs to torture students with 2 Thesis!!! Whatever, We are Future Chemical Engineer --->  Come What, Settle What!  RED BOOMS

Orange Colour
Completed a Church Event! One of the biggest Events for Undergraduate Fellowship. Video-recording and Acting. Really do it wholeheartedly and spend most of my time on this (during That period lar). It is worthy! hehe
I choose Orange Colour because our shirt looks like an Orange! haha. 
Serve God and Enjoy in the fellowship

My favourite colour! Yeah. This semester never regret to join PTUM 2013 drama as an actor! I have so much of things to write about this, but I am immersed in the suffering from homework and projects T.T 
I get to know crazy people, enjoy the process, cry so hard, feel so touching, look so handsome and Lala (gangster) and many many many more!!! Haha 

Even though I am just a small little character, it doesn't fail to leave me Unforgettable memory! haha. 
"Everyone is The Main Character In our own Life"
“每個人,都是 生命中 最重要的 主角。”
So, choose to live ourselves OUT and Never Leave any Blank! 
Will write about my experience in PT soon~ hopefully hehe.

Black Colour
Here comes the most miserable part of my first semester.
Final year project - Design a coal gasification power plant. A group of 4 - comprising different races and years step on the torturing journey. This is the first time, I feel so stressed with homework: Time constraints, Quality of work, Many-Things-Need-to-do-at-one-time! 
人性 ~就在這個時候顯露得一絲不掛。
Unbelievable seriousness of my department is Enormous, When we need to present our final year project in front of 6 lecturers and 2 professional engineers! Never heard such things from other departments lor... (So unfair haha)
But Thanks God for everything is over. The presentation is what satisfying me the most. The rest (Final report) I just hand to God, I have done my best. 
Self-demanding is really a Good yet Acidic attitude. haha... Sorry to my teammates as I am super duper demanding. haha  

Thanks God for selfish-less Coursemates as well.. We share whatever we are asked and help whenever we can ... wohoo~~~ 
WELL suffering doesn't end just like that...
Now is exam week and I have just completed my last advanced control report just now (1.00pm 10th January 2014) and submitted at 2.45pm. I believe this is another MOST DEPRESSING assignment for me. Why? Because no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the accurate answer. I pray so hard and Thanks God for being with me!!! So at the end, I have just submitted what I have done, no matter correct or wrong! haha. 30 absolute marks lor... Tension Gao Gao. Doing alone lagi... T.T 
Even my roommate also says: "Don't stress, Don't stress, First time see you so stress leh" haha... Opps... paiseh...

My busy-ness has forced me to sacrifice... My movie time and Sing K time. Even THOR and HUNGER GAMES 2, I haven't watched them. Haiz... So pity... 

Whatever it is... Sweet and Sour make Life more Meaningful and Abundant. Hopefully 2014 is another crazy year for me... Not a stressful one please. haha. Anticipating the last Final paper (Monday, 11.30am), and then I am FREE haha... (even though I still have another thesis proposal presentation on 20 sth January)

God Bless Full Full and FIGHTING!!! 

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