Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fabulous Family Outing @ Malacca

08 February 2014- The 9th Day of Chinese New Year ^^
For Hokkien, Today is everyone's Birthday!!!
So, We have Eggs Mian Xian (紅雞蛋麵綫) as Breakfast. This is our tradition. hehe ^^ 
Yummy Yummy~

And Yay, Next week is my lovely Mum's birthday. But Sadly we have to go back to KL, so we have an early Birthday Celebration and Family Outing @ Malacca

I consult Kiam Kiam for the nice foods and places. So, we have arranged a wonderful and precise schedule for this half-day trip.

First Station, LUNCH at Nancy's Kitchen, Jonker Walk. 
Nyonya food that we have never tried before. Need queue lagi, sure Nice one! hehe
It is in an old house, renovated to be a restaurant with air-condition.

We chin chai order according to the illustrated photos. 
Da da~~~ First one is Cendol
This Cendol is really really nice! The Malacca sugar (Gula Melaka) is so fragrant! It is much better than those I have before in Malacca! Super Like this since the first taste ^^
Nancy's Kitchen, Malacca
Of course lar, Popiah
It is quite special, the taste also. Quite Ok lar... hehe
Nancy's Kitchen, Malacca
Here comes the Main Dish. 
Super Expensive Nyonya Style Steamed Fish (Medium Size)
Guess how much it costs? 
RM 48. hahaha.... But it is absolutely FRESH and Tasty. Very Spicy as well. 
Nancy's Kitchen, Malacca
Banana Leaves - We order because Never Heard and Taste this before. Haha... Special Taste that is hard to our favorite. 
Nancy's Kitchen, Malacca
Yeah~ Next, Nyonya Curry
Different from common curry, it has its own distinctive favour. 
Nancy's Kitchen, Malacca
Overall, perhaps first time taste Nyonya Food and Didn't order the Tasty Ones, so, Quite OK only.

Nancy's Kitchen
Jalan Hang Lekir Off Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Malacca.

After filling our stomach with hot and spicy Nyonya Food, it is time for dessert. To Stay Sweet. haha

Cake? Malacca? Combined?
(straight come to my mind)

I don't wanna go Nadeje IN Mahkota Parade one, so I choose 

Nadeje Plaza Mahkota
G-23,25&27, Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka.

Wao! The design and the comfortable environment are AWESOME! My decision is Just 100 Marks! Thanks Kiam2 for recommending this~ It is very near to our lunch place and GSC.

Selected a nice place, sit and start photo shooting ;p

We have ordered Original, Milk Tea and Green Tea mille crepes.  
Milk Tea favor is our common favorite ^^

Happy Birthday to our dearest Mum. Stay pretty, healthy, cheerful and Huat ahhhhh!!!! haha 

OK, Next ~ MOVIE TIME!!!

The Journey 一路有你
Local Chinese New Year Movie. 
The Journey is highly recommended by friends on Facebook. I think this is suitable to watch together with family too. So we book the tickets online and grab nice seats. 
The Journey - 一路有你

Hilarious, Touching, Inspiring and Fantastic!!!
OMG, it is just too NICE ... The storyline is simple but at the middle it surprises me. This movie teaches us to retain and experience the love from our traditions; to appreciate the people surrounding us; to pursue the dreams even our hairs are all white.  
Yeah, it is worth our tears, damn touching! Tears keeps falling down even when I am laughing after the touching scenes. 
Touching yet super Funny!
HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to watch it!

The Journey - 一路有你
Highly Satisfied with the movie, we go on with Dinner ^^
This turn is 
Tong Sheng (東升園)

Sumptuous Dinner, wohoo... 
Firstly, we have the signature Cheese Prawn MeeHoon. The most famous one. Tasty! The creativity is laudable. I like it very much. This 2 persons portion cost us RM 30. Haha (Good Food always has "Good" price) 

Next is Rojak Chicken
Crispy chicken with its own made rojak sause. Commonly yummy.

Fried Fresh Squid with Garlic 
The sauce is GOOD (mayonnaise with garlic). It costs RM 21.

Claypot Taufu
Not good. >,<

Can try the Fish there. I think it should be good. ^^

Tong Sheng (東升園)
377-378, Jalan Taman Melaka Raya 6, Malacca.

Thanks Waze for leading us go here and there lar. haha
The dinner marks the end of our blissful trip to Malacca.
Happy Happy day!!! 

Anticipating the Next One ^^ hoho... 
- with love

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