Friday, February 14, 2014

The She in My Heart

What??? Today is what what what Valentine day??? 
Valentine, I think cannot eat de gua. 
What? Today also chap goh mei???
So today is Chap Goh Valentine Day lor? hahahaha

元宵情人节,好像很 Yeng 酱。

22 year-old still Single and Available,
Shameful or Blissful ?
hahaha. Whatever, 单身万岁。

Believe that one day, God will arrange my Miss Right to me.
Have faith, Have faith.

 This is really well said~~~ 
Don't start a relation blindly, or else, hurt people also hurt oneself.

 I personally not choosy de lar, just the feeling always not there OR I just missed them (LOL). haha

Beautiful girls in my eyes, for example:

My beloved 小S, Queen of Beauy

Jun Ji-Hyun, Korea Beauty 

G.E.M Tang, talented Hong Kong singer. 

Actually, they are meant to be admired, not imagine them to be my life partner. 

The She in My Heart

For me, outlook is not the MOST important criteria (cannot omit that outlook is playing a role too ;p)
But the characters of her are more significant to me.

I hope She can play crazily with me sometime (not need to pretend at all) - 一起疯,一起乐,做自己,不做作。大剌剌,也没关系,但看场合啦。哈哈

She can support me whenever needed. Be my unbeatable support.
支持我,成为我 强壮的后盾。

 The big big point is, Not Emotional (bad one) (and always unleash bad temper). Personally, I am a rather cheerful person, if always quarrel, I will die! haha

Me hor, of course lar, perhaps not good, so no one loves ma. 
But I can say hor, If I really got girlfriend hor, I wont Control or Satellite Locate her. I got her promise, she got my trust. 
Same is desired. 

I am a religious man, so God's teachings will hold me back, I won't betray the love gifted to me by her. This can be considered as my good point gua. haha

I will start a relationship only we are loving each other~~~
If I got no response from her, Then Sad Case liao lor. haha ;p 

Love is nourishing Life,
Hopefully I can have the blessing and I can be the blessing to her as well. 
Wait with faith, God will bless.

Happy Chap Goh Valentine Day

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