Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year !!! Let's us Celebrate!

Time Flies
I believe everyone Agrees with both legs. Haha
Again, here comes Chinese New Year!!!

It is semester break + Exam AfterEffect + 15-days-long Chinese New Year
What a wonderful crazy time for me!!!

No time wasting
Friends Gathering surely is a MUST
Pre-New Year Event :
Steamboat in Muar, Yeah~ ~ ~

Friends are always ready for Gathering
After one semester, finally we all can come back to our lovely hometown
and have a fun and nice "interview"
which means, 
ask u this ask u that. haha. 

wait until long neck punya 
Family Reunion Dinner is here!!! Yahoo

Looks delicious right? 
Of course, my mum and grandmum cook one, 
no one says not nice. haha

Wait a minute,
before the dinner, was time to get AngPao!!!
never miss out  anyone,
Grandparents, Uncles, Father and Mother ^^
Wishing is the key to get the AngPao
So, Happy Chinese New Year( 新年快乐)
Gong Xi Fa Cha( 恭喜发财)
Healthy body (身体健康)

When u are reading this,
remember to give me on AngPao ya. haha

I even fight with my sister, 
see who wish the longest. haha. 
Kindergarden ~ ~

First Day,
I was housekeeper.

Second Day,
Is time to go Grandmum's house in Triang, Pahang
2 hours journey to there from my house.
Although I knew there is boring,
but we need to visit grandmum de ma.
See, I am so filial. haha

Children look happy because of crackers 
Adults are busy with "Money Flowing", U know what i mean, haha
Me? Hiak Hiak 

Cyber Cafe - Tetris + DOTA - Wahaha
Food and Books
Sometime enjoy with the books i brought,
"Life is an attitude"
I share one lesson here :

" Only You know how much Fun You should have in life, Relax, and Enjoy your life!"
So, I shall enjoy and continue to be Hiao? haha 

What? First Time ever
I have steamboat as dinner in my Grandmum house. haha
simple and nice ^^
Life is easy with Mummy and aunts,
once we hungry, we can eat.
Agree? haha 
After come back from Triang,
I straight go to Form 5 Reunion Lunch ^^
What the!!!
Steamboat Again???
I am not complaining, hehe, steamboat can tighten everyone easily, haha

Although number is going down every year,
We are still close with each other even one year din meet up.
How important is a lunch like this. haha 

Say Yeah ^^
Act Preparing seriously , although Matthew and Sean Lim
done most of the things. haha

Look Sumptuous, Wao! 

Once Handsomes gather, Girls will eat food happily. haha 
After Food, is Card time, but no "Money Flow" haha

We take one more memorable photo in Hiao Sheng's house
compared to last year, 
We took at the same place, 
but people lesser and lesser liao ><
Never Mind, next year will be better! haha

Since everyone does this post, we do also la. haha

CNY POSTING, First Step to be top model, haha, the middle is the champion! hahaha
Nice or not? i do de leh!!! haha
Special Thanks to Matthew Chua Shi Jing for 1800 (Semi-Pro Camera) la. haha
Nice Photos source from him, Claps Please

Although I know my Lousy result yesterday,
It is nothing at all, wu wu wu wuuuuu...nothing at all.(Bruno Mas) haha

CNY, also cannot lack of  LAO SHANG 
Dun know what is it? 
Check bottom out :
Fresh photo, just 5 minutes ago.
Shout Huat ar, Huat ar!!! 
while using Chopstick to 捞生(LaoShang)
 haha, hopefully, I Huat this year la. Result better better la. haha

The Ending of the CNY will be...
Counting AngPao!!!
Now still not 15th day of CNY hor, still can go and get more if this year budget is bigger. Haha

AngPao with variety of Dragon and Banks' name, haha
Then Wish Everyone A Happy 2012 
and can have a Hiao and Prosperous Year la!!!
Huat ar!!!

Standard CNY MV lines from Artists :

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