Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog? I want to have one too

Blogging Blogging Blogging

There are thousands, even millions of blogs in this world.
This Party couldn't be Fun without me!
So, now, I would like to be one of the bloggers. Yeah, rocks? haha

I wish to have a space to write down my experience, life, emotion and others. So that, my future sons or grandchildren can know who I am. Haha. Besides, I wanna win Free movie tickets and free stuffs by writing blogs too. (hiak hiak hiak)

Hopefully, my passion of writing blogs is not "3 minutes hotness". I shall spend my holiday here sometime, although I am a hiao-outgoing-person. Smile and Laugh... Wahahahahaha

Have a nice life and days in blogs. God Bless lar~~~


  1. welcome to the world of blogger:) haha..

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  3. welcome hiao hiao de you~~~ XD

  4. good ! gambateh ah!! i also got a blog de leh !

  5. wei...going to unleash my hiaoness words here la... gambateh!!! hahaha...