Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Bye ~ My Dearest Sulzer

A windy night, lying on a bench, looking at the tall buildings, I told myself "Progress, or else you will regret, waste no more time". I felt my heartbeat, it told me I could do much better than now, what were you waiting for, your goals and your dreams awaiting.

Yes, I should start my engine and break the comfort shield. It was for my better future. Actions taken reluctantly without strong determinations, after all I was having good life and great friends. Little fall down but it didn't hurt so hard. I was contradicting myself, but this was how indecisive personality hit.

Flipping through my life records, good things always happened when I didn't really desperate for them. Yup, a chance popped out, it looked attractive in all expects. It seemed to fit what I desire, the growth and learning I wished to possess. An instant offer placed in front of me, but I needed time to think. I had gone through a tough decision making process; seeking consultation, researching, self convincing and praying. It was not easy as I had minimal pushing factors. What I am going to forsake is friendship and great environment; what I was facing is uncertainty and risk. After all the struggles, my soul told me one word: GO. 

Today is my last day in Sulzer Singapore, My first ever job in life. Sweet and sour one year and a half. Amazing experience and of course rewarding. With gratitude, I wrote this to my dearest colleagues:

11.11.2014, Sunny day,

 An innocent smurf came to a vibrant village with his little bag and big expectations. With overwhelming excitement, he stepped into the village. Fast heartbeats reflected how nervous he was at the same time. However, he felt relieved very soon as other smurfs in the village were welcoming and friendly. Slowly he settled down and established his own comfort zone as if found the right position to rest comfortably on a sofa. Friends were easily made in the village and everyone was working hard to build the Smurf Castle. Before this he was warned that the people in that world, where the village was, could be harsh and mean. Thanks Goodness, he was blessed with a political free (at least at his level) environment and all the smurfs were always helping each other. He even managed to get best friends among them.

With grateful heart, he was so blessed by helpful advice and guidance; enriched by the hurdles he overcame; strengthen by the failures and difficulties; empowered by all the learning.
He was happy.
But, he felt something wasn't right, he thought of trying other job that could help him in a long term. He struggled and made a tough decision to leave his friends here in the village, for the sake of his future. He knew he would never get back the same friendship anymore in other places.

22.04.2016, Sunny + Rainy Day,

Here comes the very last day of his stay in the village, he is sure that this one and a half year is definitely an unforgettable and meaningful journey. All the sweet memories will be in his little head forever. He might not be there anymore, but everyone there will be in his heart. 

Again, he picks up his little bag, which now becomes heavier with all the blessings,  embarks on his new journey. He has left a message before leaving to everyone:

"Dear Sulzer friends, thanks a lot for taking care me like a family for all the time, words can't fully describe my gratitude to all of you. My presence could be forgotten easily, but I will not forget my time with you. Please do keep in touch. All the very Best.

With Utmost Gratitude, GarenTee

If you ask me how I feel about leaving the company, I would say, a little bit sad. Because those true friends will always keep in touch.

If you ask me am I happy for the new job, honestly, I have no clue whether I will truly love my new job. But I strongly believe I can learn the things I want to learn there. A new chapter in my life again. Pray and Hope for the best.

And yes, now I officially left Sulzer. The earth will still spin and life goes on.
Look forward to the next chapter of my life.

Life is good when you are surrounded with friends.
I really appreciate!
May God bless us all :)

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