Monday, September 30, 2013

Going to Rock PT13 Drama !!!

Thinking Back to 2011, My Most Glorious moment in University of Malaya is 
Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya 2011 (PTUM 2011)
A lot of Sweats, Hardship and Sacrifices have been contributed to Succeed the most Awesome events.  

Actually PTUM never leaves me in my University Life. PT is flowing in my blood!!! haha
DTC is my second home in UM as well.

First Year, I was the Emcees for Opening Ceremony and Cultural Night
Just Ignore the Thick and Disgusting Make-up on my face ;p 
Second Year, Upgraded to become Director of PT 11 with a bunch of crazy Family.

Third Year, Officially Retired and became an adviser, I was the audience of PT12 Drama of course.  

Final Year (Hopefully), guess what, I am going to ROCK DTC stage with my passion and action! wohoo. 
I have been emcees, speech-giver and audience. It is TIME to fill up the only untried position - ACTOR

Thanks God and Teachers for giving me the chance to become one of the members of PT 13. 
Finally I get a REAL chance to Show My Hidden Talents ON THE STAGE! YAY!!! Excited~~~ 
It is going to be FUN as G-Cup SuanEng (My PT11 Secretary) is joining together as well. Wohoo~~~

The PTUM Dramas ~~~
PT10 is 《心靈地圖》
(Can't find a photo T.T)

PT11 is《缤纷迷你村》 

PT12 is 《拾憶十兄弟》

How about this year??? Teacher said it is going to be like "High School Musical" (青春歌舞劇)wor (A contemporary Drama) ~~~ 
Acting together with singing and dancing.
Perhaps it is going to Focus on Main Characters only. Hopefully I manage to convince teachers to give me an important Role ;p 
I do not want to be A Tree or A Rock. XD 

So Dear Friends, Mark your calender and Support Us in PTUM 2013 @ 3 December 2013 lor~ 

More Info please Visit

Tell myself, Hectic life is coming soon. Enjoy to Max but Academic Target MUST be achieved as well ! 
- Feeling Determined

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