Tuesday, March 12, 2013

YNOT Graffiti Rockz Bus Shelters @ Klang Valley

Have you ever passed by a bus stop with Graffiti in Malaysia? O.o
Yes! It is happening Right in Klang Valley!!! Wao!

In conjunction with YNOT Graffiti Competition, Genting had invited 3 colleges and few artists to transform the commercial use bus shelter panel into an artistic and more vibrant places. 

Boring Long Hour of waiting at the bus stop is no longer there! The Awesome and meaningful graffiti will free your stress and cheer you up^^

Thanks to Genting, creative design/ fine art colleges’ student and contemporary artists in town are invited to express their creativity on the bus shelter panels, which could even appropriately conveying the insights of the urban group on the artworks.

Here are some of the 8 FUN Bus Shelters.
Tribute to Malaysian Great Celebrities @ Jln Sultan Ismail by artist Nazmi   
Fun & Excitement in Town @ Jln Pudu and Jln Ampang by ASWARA College
Graffiti Go Retro @ Jln Semantan & Lebuh Bandar Utama by Alpha College 
Gang Nam Go Graffiti 
FUN-WEI in PJ @ Jln Barat & Jln University by IACT College 
KL go Spring @ Jln Raja Chulan by Artists Paul & Chekri 
See, Graffiti has made the boring bus stop to become a piece of fantastic art! 
Graffiti + Bus Stop = Artistic Colours Boredom. 
Bravo!!! It is IN MALAYSIA!!! Malaysia Boleh! Wohoo^^

Feel interested with it? Please do not hesitate to join YNOT Graffiti Competition^^

For more info about this Graffiti Event, please log on to 
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Attractive prizes of total value worth RM20,000 is waiting for you!

Spark Your Creativity with Graffiti!!!
Let's Join YNOT ^^


  1. Great Shelters, great post!

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  2. That’s a very artistic bus shelter. It must have cost a fortune to execute! I wonder about it’s success though.