What do You think about Hang Chung Tee?

Hi, guys, I am doing a survey about myself, what do u think of me? Feel free to fill in your opinions and ideas about me in the boxes below. Your Helps are highly appreciated! 

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.” ―Abraham Lincoln
"Discover Your Uniqueness, then discipline yourself to develop it." - Jim Sundberg
Name (Selective):
Who is Mr. Tee when come to your mind?

"Get in your Strength Zone, Growing to your Maximum Potential, and Sowing Seeds that Benefits others." - John C. Maxwell

What do you think the Strength(s) of Mr. Tee [Important]?
What are the weaknesses of Mr. Tee [Important]?

"People will Summarize Your Life in One Sentence - Pick It Now" - John C. Maxwell

2 Single words to describe Mr. Tee (e.g: Diligent, passionate, lazy, etc.) (Hiao is not accepted ya!)

Thank you very much! Your feedbacks are highly appreciated ^^ Have a nice day~

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