Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chapter 4 : Dongdaemun - Shopping Paradise

Yup, This time, I am going to introduce one of the HOTtest destinations in Seoul ^^
I call it " Shopping Paradise".
Why? Because there are full of Shopping Malls!!! haha

What shocks me at first is, the first building is ALL selling Cloth and Fabric.
It is named "Dongdaemun Shopping Complex".

Ya, these are not our taste.. hehe.. Next!

Dongdaemun Shoes Market
It is Full of Shoes! All types and designs.
Most are affordable but the sellers are not friendly to foreigners like me >,< Oops.
 Dongdaemun Shoes Market ^^

After all those shoes, it is time to visit the Shopping Complexes.
Some are awesome! Some are not. Hmmph...
Let's have a look ...Jump... haha

 Doota is not Dota Game! haha... It is a very nice Shopping Mall.
The interior design is IN and High Class.
But things are rather expensive, because most of the things are branded one. ^^
 Floor Guide :
The Food court is not bad o...hehe

Jump again...
We are going to next Shopping mall.
 Miglione is just beside Doota. They are on the same street.
This shopping mall is not exclusive and all stalls are very closed together as shown.
but, the things are quite cheap and affordable.
What we have to do when shopping in it is, BARGAIN! Cut down their offered price until super low.
Sellers are all enthusiastic here, I also don't how to reject them. haha. So I do not enjoy very well, because they will just keep persuading you and non-stop! XD

Rest and continue. hehe
Hello apm
 Hello apm is just beside Migliore, it is quite similar but smaller than Migliore.
Bargain and rejecting ability are required too.
 Great things are offered ^^

Then, beside of this is 
It is larggeeee and well designed too. Enjoyable and good to shop.
Again, the basic requirement is Reject and Bargain. Haha

The Special point of this Complex is, you can watch movie...haha
 cinema in Korea.
 First Movie in Korea... The Amazing Spiderman. haha...Super Premiere compared to Malaysia. 
Super Expensive, around RM25 >,< Sorry Mum and Dad.

Hehe... Here is really a nice place right? haha...
Others we have:
Seoul Heunginjimun (Gate)

 Dongdaemun Design Plaza
(Muzeum, cafe and etc) 
Relaxing and nice place to sit down with a book.

The informative and helpful 
Tourist Information Center
You can get Maps and Information all here. They provide English & Mandarin language service too. haha

If I want to buy fashion things, I shall never forget here.
Heard that here is one of the cheapest things area.^^
I love Dongdaemun. Hehe

To be continued...

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