Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chapter 11 : Lotte World Seoul

 Come to Seoul of course cannot miss out the famous amusement park here. Hehe
Lotte World
( It is around Jamsil Subway station, line 2 )

 Only Three of us going, but we have lots of Fun^^

Ticket selling:
Normal One-day pass is 40000 Won.
1. IF u are students, you can get Students price.
2. IF you are foreigners, you can get special discount if your passport number has certain digits.
3. IF you have WooriCard or Shinhan Card or certain cards, you can get 50% discounts.
There are other methods as well.

And I get 50% discount. hahaha... Thanks WooriCard!!!

The Amuzement park has two sections, Indoor and outdoor.
There are rides in both sections.
But outdoor has more exciting and interesting rides than indoor. And indoor has various performances and some wonderful rides too ^^ 

It is still sunny, so we go outdoor first. hehe... Anti-rain at that time!

Bungee Drop is quite enjoyable, we can experience the feeling of falling down. haha

It is not very tall and high. But not bad already lar ^^

Next is a better version of Bungee Drop...
Gyro Drop!!!
It is taller and has only one fast drop. But the speed is 100km per hour! Can you imagine how fast?! haha 
It really makes me scream a lot!!! haha. Must Try!!!

The Next one is my Favourite in the Lotte World
Gyro Swing
Its concept is like Pirate Ship. But the difference is you can see the ground and the view is extremely wonderful! The falling down is really great and I yell from the beginning towards the End!!! Love it so much!

Just beside the Gyro Swing, 

It is sort of Boat riding and its speed is up to 72 KM/hr. It is really fast and an impressive roller coaster.

All the above rides need 30 minutes to 1 hr of waiting. All the waiting is just for 2 minutes rides. haha..
There are many more, but not very interesting ones. hehe...

Done with the outdoor, Then we shall explore the indoor. 
There is performance parade waiting for us. This theme for this period is Rio Samba Festival. 

There is a large ice rink in the middle.
This is the largest and best in Korea.

The interior design is pretty good and full of fairy tale style of buildings^^
There is so crowded even in Friday... >.<

The next impressive ride is 
Giant Loop

It is a speeding loop train that makes 360 degree revolutions.
Imagine when you are at the top, you are just hanged in the air and what you can do is SCREAM! haha

Tired with long lines and walking. It is time to do some relaxing things. Photo shooting in the art gallery.

This is my favourite post and picture. I love the wings, they look so real! haha

" Huh? Why there are people standing inside and naked! OMG! "

Because we visit the Lotte World Folk Museum ^^
There are some historical Korean things inside and some marvellous exhibitions of cloths,buildings and others.

They are trying to show the Royal Meeting in Palace... Nice Nice!

Syok sendiri (Enjoying ourselves) with photos^^

After taking a rest, it is time for another roller Coaster. 
French Revolution
Super long line but it is worthy.
The Train is so fast and furious and it makes 360 to 540 degree twist and turns.

There are some performance going on in the indoor compound @ Garden Stage
It is Rio Samba performance too.

After enjoying Pirate ship, we go and have a look on the night view of Lotte World.

The lights make the castle to be impressive and attractive.
It will be better if the lights can be more colourful^^

In short, Lotte World is a good place to visit and it is better to be here during Weekdays.^^
Looking forwards to Everland. I want more excitement!!! Yeah~

To be continued ...

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  1. Good work Hang Chung :) Though your post i'm already feeling like i visited this place from INDIA itself ;)